16 Highlights in 2016

As I did last year, here are some things that had a huge impact on my life this year.
1) Turned 20 years old.
2) Traveled across the country to California & Nevada.
3) Went to 6 music festivals.
4) Went to 3 concerts.
5) Dyed my hair blonde.
6) Bought succulents & cacti.
7) Raised my college GPA.
8) Tried new fitness classes (Zumba & cycling).
9) Explored a possible career path.
10) Got a Little sister.
11) Became Vice President of my organization.
12) Worked with a brand that I love.
13) Found a study & planning strategy that works for me.
14) Truly realized that everything happens for a reason.
15) Decluttered my life (sorta).
16) Found happiness.

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