City of Angels

With one day left in California, I tried to explore all of LA in one afternoon. I always use Instagram to find the best artwork and food when traveling & it was especially handy for this trip. A lot of the food places on my list were located in the suburbs outside LA so I focused more on sight seeing. I was able to cross-off a lot of places like The Sunset Pacific Motel, California Donuts, and Griffith Observatory. There is so much more I want to see, so I definitely want to come back to LA soon!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica, the place with the worst traffic in America. With a beach, boardwalk & amusement park all in one & shopping & restaurants only three blocks away, it has rightfully claimed it's title. I wish New York had the weather to have outdoor malls and street performers, but a new atmosphere is the best part about visiting a new city.

PINK Spring Break

When I found out that the PINK Spring Break Bash was taking place during my time in Cancun, I knew I had to go. This party did not disappoint. From the venue and props to the drinks and music, everything was picture perfect. I even made it onto the @vspink Instagram stories!

Beaches & Bay Breezes

My spring semester is coming to an end in a couple weeks which means it's back to studying for finals once again. I wish I was back in Cancun, living it up during Spring Break with my friends. But for now I'll be reminiscing with these photos.


Huntington Beach

 The days after my aunt's wedding were spent relaxing at Huntington Beach and going to Universal Studios. The weather was perfect, but the water was a little too cold. I guess I'm used to the warm waters in the Caribbean. I already have two flights booked for 2017. Cancun for Spring Break & Chicago for my cousin's wedding!

16 Highlights in 2016

As I did last year, here are some things that had a huge impact on my life this year.
1) Turned 20 years old.
2) Traveled across the country to California & Nevada.
3) Went to 6 music festivals.
4) Went to 3 concerts.
5) Dyed my hair blonde.
6) Bought succulents & cacti.
7) Raised my college GPA.
8) Tried new fitness classes (Zumba & cycling).
9) Explored a possible career path.
10) Got a Little sister.
11) Became Vice President of my organization.
12) Worked with a brand that I love.
13) Found a study & planning strategy that works for me.
14) Truly realized that everything happens for a reason.
15) Decluttered my life (sorta).
16) Found happiness.