NYC Eats

To summarize my winter break, it was all about good company & good food.
Here are the amazing new places I visited in the city. I would recommend all of them!

Collective Winter Haul

I love shopping & it's definitely gotten out of hand this winter since I started
working at the mall. But I've learned to limit myself. If there's an item I really
want, here are some things I do before deciding to purchase it.

1. Go straight to the sale section.
2. Try it on in the fitting room.
3. Check if the item is cheaper online.

When I'm still not convinced if an item is worth purchasing, I take a picture of it.
If I find myself constantly looking at the picture, then I know it's worth buying.
Goodbye compulsive shopping!

 Vince Camuto heels | Topshop lace dress

Fall Semester Recap

The semester ended a month ago, but nonetheless it taught me a lot about time management & dealing with others. I'm ready for a fresh start in the spring to improve my grades & friendships. A few of my goals in 2016 are to be more organized & stick to a schedule. Only 2 more weeks until my winter break is over!

15 Highlights of 2015

Happy New Year! I thought this would be a great way to reflect on 2015 instead of sharing resolutions. The majority of my highlights are events or places that I've been to & I'm so
grateful to have these experiences in 2015. Here's to many more memories in 2016!

1. Getting a bid from my sorority.
2. Meeting an amazing group of friends in college.
3. Going to my first music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival.
4. Eating at Smorgasburg NYC (I love the Ramen Burger & lobster rolls).
5. Traveling to St. Maarten.
6. Going to the MoMA for the first time.
7. Living with my best friends.
8. Conquering the roller coasters at Six Flags.
9. Celebrating my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.
10. Exploring Gansevoort Market.
11. Going to the Museum of Feelings.
12. Seeing Yellow Claw live.
13. Starting a bullet journal.
14. Getting my first job.
15. Being happy.