Christmas Wishlist 2015

Here are the items on my Christmas wishlist this year. After losing my gold Believe ring a few years ago, I really want the silver one. These moccasins are comfy & neutral, the perfect shoes in my opinion. I'm inspired to start a bullet journal for the new year after seeing this blog post on my Pinterest. The day after Christmas I'm going to a show & having a hip pack is the perfect way to store your essentials & dance all night long. I'm not a big fan of plaid shirts, but this plaid scarf is a great statement piece for the winter months. Merry Christmas Eve!

Exploring The West Side

The day after Thanksgiving, John & I went to the city for a date. He really wanted to go to Gansevoort Market while I wanted to check out The Museum of Feelings. I love discovering new places to visit through Instagram so if you have any recommendations, leave them below! 


November Snapshots

I've been more obsessed with taking photos now that I have my new iPhone 6s.
The camera quality is amazing & it inspired me to get back into blogging.
Here's some photos I've taken throughout November!


November 12th was my nineteenth birthday. I celebrated with friends on Thursday &
went to Terminal 5 to see Odesza perform on Sunday. It was such an amazing
birthday week & November in general was a great month.

Here's 19 fun facts about me:
1. I love the color pink, but I rarely wear it.
2. I'm 5 feet tall exactly. 
3. I've known how to do html coding since 5th grade (MySpace days).
4. Every year I go on vacation to a tropical island
(Next year we're thinking of going to the Cayman Islands!).
5. I love finding new places to eat in the city.
6. I was the Photography Editor of my high school's Yearbook.
7. My style is classic, but there are days where I dress more preppy or both.
8. I got 0 points off when I took my driver's test.
9. I have never dyed my hair.
10. Baseball is the only sport I completely understand.
11. My favorite designer is Tory Burch.
12. My lucky number is 12.
13. I love EDM & indie electronic music (check out my Spotify here).
14. Elephants are my favorite animals.
15. Roses are my favorite flowers.
16. Senior year of high school I had a hamster with 5 of my friends.
17. I go to a wedding every year.
18. I don't like chocolate ice cream or cake, but I love brownies.
19. I have a sketchbook filled with photos from magazines that inspire me. 

The Golden Year

On September 20, 1965 my wonderful grandparents got married. Fifty years later, their 4 children & 9 grandchildren get to witness a renewal of their vows. My grandparents have shown me what true love really is & I hope to have that same unconditional love.

Summer Snapshots

Summer has come to an end for me & I’ve finally gotten some time to blog since I've started school again. Here’s some random photos that I’ve taken throughout the past few months!

Free MoMA Fridays

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend & I went to The Modern Museum of Art. It was my first time at this museum & although it's crowded on Fridays, I recommend going because it's free! Check out the photos to see my favorite pieces!

Dorm Wishlist

One week until move-in day is here again! Since I have the basics covered from last year (like bedding and laundry), my wishlist this year consists of pieces to decorate my room & keep me organized. I use colorful pens to color-code my Lilly Pulitzer agenda & no school-year is complete without a planner. Also, I found a helpful post from Tumblr for taking notes & studying. I can't believe I'll be starting my sophomore year of college!

Sint Maarten

I'm back after a week long trip to The Friendly Island. This family vacation was definitely one of the best I've had in years & that's saying a lot since I travel to a new island every summer! The beaches were amazing. There were planes taking off & landing every hour & clear blue water as far as the eye can see. Check out my video to see all the areas I visited & read more to see photos! Where will I go next year?

Vacation Outfits & Packing Tips

I leave for St. Martin early tomorrow morning & of course I left my packing to the last minute. But, I'm pretty good at not overpacking so here are some tips I keep in mind!

1. Use a packing cube. It helps to keep your clothes in place during
flight & its also a great way to separate clean & dirty clothes.

2. Prevent liquids from spilling by taking the lid off of the bottle, placing
plastic wrap over the opening of the lid & placing the lid back on the bottle.

3. Fingers crossed this doesn't happen, but I always have an extra set of
clothes in my carry-on bag just incase my checked luggage goes missing.

4. Pick your favorite clothing pieces & build outfits around those pieces.

5. Take pics of your outfits so you know exactly what goes with what!
Read more below to see the outfits I'm bringing with me!


3-Year Anniversary | July 9, 2015

Last Thursday was our 3-year anniversary so we went to the city to explore the Upper East Side. Our first stop was the Cooper Hewitt museum on 91st Street. My favorite exhibition was the one on architecture and design. We ended the night in Herald Square eating Insomnia Cookies and got on the train home just before the rain storm. John also made me this storybook of how we met. It's the most thoughtful gift I've ever received.

Vacation Wishlist

baseball hat | lace crop top | sunglasses | bandeau bikini | wedges | floppy hat

I leave for vacation to St. Martin in exactly one week. I can't wait to relax on the beach & catch a few rays. These are some items I am lusting over for vacation. St. Martin is known for it's airport runway just feet away from the beach so I ordered this baseball hat which is perfect for the windy weather. An off-the-shoulder white crop top would be great paired with some fun summer wedges. These chic sunglasses are a must. They've been seen on Shay Mitchell who always has the cutest accessories. For those pool days, this reversible bandeau bikini makes a statement with it's cutouts. And who could go wrong with a simple black floppy hat?

Florals on Florals

It's rare to see me in floral print so Old Westbusy Gardens was the perfect place to wear this print. My favorite spot was the Rose Garden with the canopy walkway. I can't wait to go back for a picnic day. My top is a bandeau from the Kendall and Kylie collection at PacSun and my skirt is from Marshalls.

City Adventures

Despite living only 30 minutes away, I don't go to NYC as often as I would like. There's an endless list of things to do and places to eat so it's always fun to find new favorite spots. This past month, I've gone to The High Line, EDC NY, Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, and the Filipino Parade.

First Semester Dos & Dont's

I have exactly 2 more weeks of winter break before I head back to college life (I'm so excited to go back!) so here's some lessons that I learned in my fall semester & what I want to improve for spring semester. My main reason for writing this post is to motivate myself to work even harder this semester, but I hope these tips are helpful for others as well!

Shopping in SoHo

A great day of food & shopping with my boyfriend & his cousins in SoHo.
We couldn't have gone to the city at a better time. The rest of the week we're having crazy weather; from cold rain, to humid rain, then possibly snow!

 We ate lunch at Prince Street Pizza & they made us a fresh pie of square pepperoni pizza. Definitely recommend it! Across the street is Little Cupcake Bakeshop - where this picture was taken.

New Year's Resolutions

  1. Be thankful. Be happy. Be present.
    Happy thoughts. Don't dwell on the past, I can't change it.

  2. Cleanliness & simplicity.
    Take time to pamper myself. Keeping my room clean. Quality over quantity.

  3. Work hard, play hard.
    Pay attention in class. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Study now, party later.

  4. Be inspired.
    Take more photos. Write in my journal. Go to the gym.

  5. Be the best version of myself.
    Whether that be as a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, or student.